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Novotny Receives Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Milos Novotny is the recipient of the Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal for Advancing Chemical Sciences 2015. Milos was recently notified by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences that he will be a recipient of the Jaroslav Heyrovsky Medal for Advancing Chemical Sciences. This is the highest recognition in the fields of chemistry given periodically in Czech Republic. The previous recipients from the United States were Josef Michl (University of Colorado), Jerrold Meinwald (Cornell University), Fred Mc Lafferty (Cornell University), and Barry Karger (Northeastern University). Jaroslav Heyrovsky was a Czech scientist who originated the analytical technique known as polarography and received the 1959 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Study finds males may contribute to offspring’s mental development before pregnancy

A new study from Indiana University provides evidence in mice that males may play a positive role in the development of offspring’s brains starting before pregnancy.

The research, reported June 30 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, found that female mice exposed to male pheromones gave birth to infants with greater mental ability.

“This is the first study to show that pheromone exposure exerts an influence across generations in mammals,” said Sachiko Koyama, an associate research scientist at the IU Bloomington Medical Sciences Program and visiting scientist at the IU College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, who led the study.